LATIN BITMAN can HELP you and ME warm ourselves up

latin bitman

everyone want to feel alive, help me to find out how, when, or why

♫ Latin Bitman – Help Me

I know absolutely nothing about Latin Bitman except that I stumbled across this jam on eMusic last week and it’s been my ticket to summer hula parties in my mind ever since. I am also pretty sure (but not positive) that the voice we are hearing is not coming from the face we are seeing. But hey, I’ve seen crazier shit. Anyway, if wherever you are is as cold and gloomy as where I am then you need this jam like you need those socks your mom tried to give you last time you were home but you were all like “Naw, it’s cool. I got socks, mom! Besides, my feet itch in wool.” Yeah, don’t make that mistake twice. Dip those frosty extremities in this jam and warm them right up.

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