MVSC are taking us down to Sunderland


just. don’t. stop.

MVSC – Sunderland

So it’s Friday and that’s the day I like to make you flail your arms about and shake your rump-ah. Just try listening to “Sunderland” and not doing one or both. This song is pure driving-to-the-party anthem and is meant to be cranked. I have been using it as my aural energy source when I am feeling mellow. Contrary to popular (my) belief, MVSC is not an acronym for Most Vicious Sonic Crew or Murderous Villians and Silly Clowns. However, the latter is closer, it is a collaboration. Montevideo is a band, Compuphonic is a Producer, and Belgium is the country where combining those two names somehow creates MVSC. [Thanks to Nightmagnets]

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