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you’ve done your very best, we’re gonna put it to the test

Paul and The Patients – Blogspot

Paul and The Patients are a Brooklyn 5 piece whose debut EP To The Lions comes out soon on American Myth (Home to Tigercity!). “Blogspot” seems to be a rip on not so much the inferior blogging platform but rather blogging in general. Well I ain’t drinking the Haterade cause this song is just too jammin. The smokey vocals echo over the foot-stomping drum beat and jangly guitars as Paul dishes out a piece of his mind. You tell ’em, Paul. I hear ya.

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  1. […] Paul & The Patients – Blogspot (Nick Seeley Remix) / Sure the song is basically a bash on music blogs but I never cared cause I could never understand the dude. That is until Nick Seeley made him all intelligible (as well as a killer remix) and now I can finally hear what it is I am supposed to be doing here at TBE. “Tell ‘em how to tip when you buy a drink, tell ‘em how to trip when they try to think.” Ok, so $1 dollar per drink is standard but if you get 3 drinks it’s OK to throw ‘em 2 bones, especially if they are beers and they just opened them. But if they didn’t open it at all then no need to tip. What for? For mixed drinks stick with 1$ per drink, that shit is real work. Umm, for falling when thinking just try and get those arms out there. Front teeth are pretty crucial in the quest to ever get laid again. [Original track] […]

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