PLAN B is down to STAY in the club, just not TOO LONG lest there be an incident

i go through a door and suddenly i find myself somewhere

♫ Plan B – Stay Too Long

That suave looking fella to our right is Ben drew, a British rapper who goes by Plan B and who has been dropping his lyrical styling on the UK for years now. “Stay Too Long” looks to be his attempt at cracking his audience open a bit and as far as I’m concerned it’s working. This is exactly the the kind of hyped-up gospel funk that get’s my ass moving on a Saturday night. The first few listens through I assumed that the title had something to do with and overdue breakup but closer listening (and this illustrative video) have led me to the conclusion that the themes covered have much more to do with bar brawls and drunk bros than any affairs of the heart. This guy gets more intriguing by the minute.

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