Dubstep Roundup Vol. 9 – 1.21.2011 [CLARE MAGUIRE, NOISIA, KIDS AT THE BAR, OUTKAST and more…]

What’s cracking family!

Welcome to the womp factory.  Your local Dub dealers, Joel & Scott, are back and this time round we’ve got some of the best shit on the market for you!

With a solid mix of TBE dubstep regulars and hard-hitting newcomers we’re absolutely positive this will hold your fiendin’ asses over until next time!

So grab yourself a mouthpiece, get a fresh set of undies, let someone know where you are and by all means get NURDY!

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♫ Clare Maguire- Aint Nobody (Breakage Remix) / With one of the best Dubstep remixes of 2010, Breakage defines the UK dubstep scene… EPIC.

♫ Noisia- Alpha Centauri (Excision & Datsik remix) / Ooohh the gurgly base makes our brain feel good.  B.C. putin it down for the North West.

♫ Kids at the Bar- Your Body On Me (Haydn Hoffman Dubstep Remix) / Hayden Hoffman sent this over to us and seeing how we are huge Kids At The Bar fans we gave it a listen, then we went and changed our underwear. Holy Nurdy this track is devastating! Solid work, Hayden!

♫ The Saturdays- Missing You (Azedia Remix) / Azedia seems to dip into a melting pot of sounds, often mixing trance and dubstep for a dreamy, mystical experience.  For this remix he keeps it cool with almost a chillstep feel to it.

♫ Outkast- Bombs Over Bagdad (Stenchman Remix) / You better duck and take cover as Uk’s Stenchman allows us to relive the Bombs Over Bagdad in the womp, womp, format.

♫ Haddaway- What Is Love (Ripto Dubstep Remix) / Whether you like it or not, the world is being remixed over and its dubsteps time to shine.  Oh, and of course Ripto is from the UK.

♫ Plan B- Love Goes Down (Doctor P Remix) / Did somebody call a doctor? If you haven’t yet you better start dialing! The tempo changes will literally leave you disfigured. Let us be your example, after one listen we went from being 10’s to 9.78’s!

♫ Rusko & Caspa- Bread Get Bun / Double the pleasure, double the fun because this piece of Bread is about to Get fucking Bun! Would we expect anything less from these two Dubstep lords? No, no we wouldn’t.

♫ Crystal Fighers- Swallow (FuntCase Remix) / This funky jam makes us see in slow motion wherever we go.  We aren’t sure if other people see things as rad as us, but it’d be cooler if they did.  Regardless, FuntCase gives us an absolute superior mix here.

♫ Noisia- Split The Atom (Bar 9 Remix) / We’re still not sure about including this tune and we’re a little worried for you guys, it might just be too much!

♫ Her Majesty & The Wolves- Glaciers (Roksonix Remix) / Roksonix is welcomed back to TBE for their work on Her Majesty & The Wolves track Glaciers. Shall we state the obvious? Ok, TURN IT THE F@$K UP!!!!!

♫ Datsik & 12th Planet – Texx Mars (Open Your Eyes) / Umm, you might want to close your eyes so they don’t shoot out of your head.  Seriously, the pairing of Datsik and 12th planet should come with a warning, but it doesn’t, so consider this it!

ZIP FILE—>>> Mediafire: Dubstep Roundup Vol. 9

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  1. EH
    EH says:

    haha! I was sitting on the couch with my girl when Haddaway went all wompy. I said “Oh my fucking god…ewww.” She got mad for a second because she thought I was talking to her.

    One question though. I know I’m a square but I’m not sure if I’m getting nurdy. I want ever-so-much to get nurdy but I don’t know what it is. Is it when dubstep makes you evacuate your bowels so you have to walk like Urkel to the bathroom?

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