[EP] FOSTER THE PEOPLE have a song for HELENA with a great BEAT

sometimes life it takes you by the hand, puts you down before you know it and you’re dead again

♫ Foster The People – Helena Beat

City of Angels in the houuuusssee! What! What! What? Wait, what? Oh yeah, Foster The People! These LA groove-smiths nibbled on the TBE fishing line back in June with their harmonizing sidewalk swaggering shoe jam “Pumped Up Kicks.” (Video not embedding. Thanks YouTube!) However, the real bait biter is their new track, “Helena Beat,” dropped last week in promotion of their recently released self-titled EP. 30 seconds in and I’m sold on this industrial pop grinder. Then the vocals kick in and it’s all I can do to decipher gender identities between various sweet dance moves. Guy? Girl? Definitely guy! But wait… of fuck it. Look at me spin 360 and not fall over! So basically I have way more fun stuff to do (dancing) than write about this EP (sorry).

p.s. The 3rd EP track “Houdini” is as solid as my hardwood floors. And that’s hard. I just checked with my ass.

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