[REMIX] Dombrance – “The Witch (NoteOn reboot)”

all that you need to say is all that i need to hear

♫ Dombrance – The Witch (NoteOn Reboot)

There was a guy who went by Samsa. He made some songs. And some remixes. The best remixes, in fact. There is also this band Dombrance. They made this great song. So Samsa changed his name to NoteOn cause some other Samsa got uptight. Now NoteOn is announcing his new name with an absolute monster of a remix of that Dombrance song. Life moves in mysterious ways. Kinda like how when I put this jam on super loud my body moves in mysterious ways.

This one is for big sound systems and strobe lights. Sweaty people pushing against each other in the throb of the dance floor. Guitars distort and shred, the bass kicks like a mule, handclaps hit like karate chops, synths flare and surge, and those vocals lure you into the eye of it all.

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  1. NoteOn
    NoteOn says:

    @4555785df9aa949c8c8e0b6479ce0cba:disqus This remix is exclusive to The Burning Ear. It will be up on my soundcloud in a few days! Thanks for the kind words!

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