[REMIX] Rangleklods – “Clouds (Mooryc Remix)”

on our own we found the spot we fit

♫ Rangleklods – Clouds (Mooryc Remix)

Rangleklods’ “Young and Dumb” is one of the freshest songs of the year and now we have this fresh remix by Poland’s fresh Mooryc so the freshness is rivaled only by the funked out weirdo beats and grooves that pop and shift throughout this jam. [via]

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  1. Barrett
    Barrett says:

    I try to avoid reading what you’ve said until afterward, but I saw “weirdo” and I was like “Seem right for Rangleklods” and I totally agree. Diggin’ this haaaard. Something’s in the water in Poland… Southern winds from Sweden perhaps.

  2. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Haha, interesting TBE method but I like it. At least you read it at all. I really want more from Rangleklods. People go nuts in the live videos of his Swedish performances.

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