[REMIX/COVER] Jhameel – Human Condition (Sharooz Mix) + Sonic The Hedgehog cover

we arise and shed our ignorance proclaiming acts of tolerance and generosity and patience

♫ Jhameel – Human Condition (Sharooz Mix)

Jhameel is one of the most underrated vocal talents in the game right now (not to mention all other talents) so it’s natural that people want to remix his jams. However, I know from 1st hand experience that some of the best around have tried and failed to improve on the original. So props to Sharooz for giving “Human Condition” a nice slap around, sending the song in a spacier dance direction but still keeping Jhameel’s soul embedded in the beat.

♫ Jhameel – Green Hill Zone (Sonic The Hedgehog theme)

BONUS! Here is a cover Jhameel did of the Green Hill Zone song from Sonic The Hedgehog. You’re welcome. Can we get an RAC remix of Jhameel now?