[MP3] SERF PARTY USA is a DAMN good name for a funky synth-rap crew doing their THANG

no they can’t believe how we can make cash money singing about our fantasy

♫ Surf Party USA – Damn Thang

Any band naming themselves after a 30 Rock line is gonna get my attention and so thank goodness they didn’t tarnish their namesake and have dropped a jam of a track here! Coming from California I never would have guessed that these Idaho inlanders would get their indentured farm party on so hard! You’ve got bouncy synth lines, auto tuned crooning, white-dude rapping, and enough glitchy goodness to keep things funky! The few other Serf Party USA jams I’ve heard are a bit rough around the edges but with only 28 listens on Last.fm these guys are about as fresh as it gets and clearly have time to tighten up their shit between boozy nights in the cornfields. Bump it!

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