[LP] SCISSOR SISTERS serve up a lot of SEX AND a hint of VIOLENCE, the good kind…

sweetest taste is never gonna leave you even when it hurts you

♫ Scissor Sisters – Sex and Violence

That cover art pretty much says it all. Scissor Sisters’ third album, Night Work, is music for ass grabbing, flexing, shaking, bouncing and strutting, and if you have ever appreciated any of those activities then you would be wise to get your hands on this package in time for the weekend’s festivities! I just finished a workout/shower combo to the whole album and I couldn’t be more pumped for Friday night! Sure Scissor Sisters are about as flamboyant as it gets and Night Work is their master thesis on the subject but it’s also their best, most cohesive album to date. I’ve traditionally been only moderately inspired by their dance jams only to be left disappointed by the rest of the flimsy album material. In fact, I had even taken all their previous stuff off my iTunes in a recent hard drive cleansing. Then I heard “Invisible Light” and was convinced to give them a second (third) chance. Night Work wastes no more than 8 seconds before kicking things off big and bold. The title track is a straight disco funk jam and is subsequently followed by huge danceability through all 10 tracks. “Any Which Way,” “Something like This,” and “Skin Tight” are other album favorites that pave the way for current obsession, “Sex and Violence.” Jake Shears’ dark and sultry voice glide through the shimmering fog-lit rhythm for a track that is perfect for dancing closer and closer to that special (i.e. random) someone on the dancefloor. Fuck, I can’t keep trying to describe this stuff. It’s too hard to think, type, and dance at the same time. If you are remotely moved by these tracks then you know what to do. Night Work is out now!

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