[MP3] THE TING TINGS want you to throw your party HANDS in the air

i see you lookin up, you want to think about it

♫ The Ting Tings – Hands

I distictly remember my friend Sam asking me: “What do you think about The Ting Tings?” It was the summer of ’08 and he was splayed out in in a hospital bed after tearing his knee to shit. Before I was even able to connect the mental dots to “Great DJ,” the only song of theirs I knew at the time, Sam answered his own question: “I’ve decided I’m not into them.” We talked about it for another minute or so before evolving topics. The exchange always comes to mind when I think about the band because it wasn’t long after that I was giving their album a spin and making a similar decision: “I don’t think I like this much.” But that’s the funny thing about The Ting Tings, their popular opinion is made up of much more decision than reaction, people have to kind of think about whether this kind of spazzy club pop is OK with them. For a band that seems to cause so much thinking, they make music that should really require none. Anyway, after the sever over-exposure of tracks like “That’s Not My Name” and “Shut Up And Let Me Go,” I find it hard to imagine that anyone listens to them on the regular but that may be about to change. “Hands” is their new jam and although it’s still signature Ting, it’s also their most enjoyable and least grating track to date. A bouncy party groove for getting loose on the dance floor! Stop thinking, stop hating and get dancing!

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