[LP] STEEL TRAIN have an epic album for YOU AND I would like to advise not to let it stay UNDERCOVER too long

moving all alone, i won’t attach now, growing like a wave, to anywhere far

♫ Steel Train – You and I Undercover

Two facts: The song above is one of my favorite songs of the year and the LP it comes from (at right) is one of my favorite albums of the year. So there’s that… Anyone who knows Steel Train knows how much these guys have evolved since their days as the “non-pop-punk band” on Drive Thru. Weirdly enough, I’ve been fond of them since their first EP and even caught an under-packed and under-appreciated live show during a 2006 Pianos NYC residency. So what I’m trying to say here is that despite the fact that I have been following these guys since 2003, nothing prepared me for this album. On this self-titled second LP Steel Train has stepped out of appreciable and into danceable, rock-able, and straight up lovable territory. I. Can’t. Stop. Playing. This. Album. Seriously, I’m so impressed here. “Turnpike Ghost” was a pleasant enough introduction that grew on me quickly before “You And I Undercover” (above) swooped in and blew me away. And now the whole album is rocking and I’m swooning.

♫ Steel Train – Children of the 90’s

Since I have already posted 2 of this album’s 12 tracks I was hesitant to put up another but “Children of the 90s” is so instantly epic that I had to sneak it in. These two tracks trace the spectrum of this album’s energy and if you are feeling either then you need to do yourself  a favor and get on board the Steel Train. Join me in the first car for an open-windowed sing-along!

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