[STREAM] Death Grips – “Hacker”

shed my skin, leave it for the homeless to sleep in, prodigal, fuck that nautical, teachin’ bitches how to swim

  • Who: Legendary drummer Zach Hill, producer Andy Morin, and hyper-intense singer Stefan Burnett.
  • What: “California noise-rap,” like Dr. Dre joined Crystal Castles.
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook
  • When: Debut LP The Money Store is out now. (Stream it here)
  • Why: Any Google search will uncover the mountains of internet press these guys have been raking in recently but I wasn’t buying the hype. Until I heard “Hacker.”  This jam is insane in all the right ways. Crazy lyrics, laser synths, and a beat that turnes on a dime. It’s more dance and less freak then their other singles and that appeals to more than just me. As the last track on the album it’s the second most streamed on the Soundcloud stream of The Money Store (per ussual, the other is the first track). I’m clearly not alone in picking it as my favorite. If you haven’t dug into these guys yet then this interview is a good place to start.

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