[STREAM] Passion Pit – “Take A Walk”

and tonight i swear i’ll come home and we’ll make love like we’re young

Just over 3 years ago, in the wake of their “Sleepyhead” success, I was one of the few people championing Passion Pit’s first taste of Manners, “The Reeling.” Now they have finally dropped a new single and I seem to be on the other side of the fence. I’m not hearing any of the big shimmering synth goodness we have come to love from these guys! “Take A Walk” feels like a filler track at best. No way this song is becoming the sort of summer anthem I was hoping these guys would be delivering. Good thing we have Walk The Moon.

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  1. Joel @ TBE
    Joel @ TBE says:

    Its hard to hate on a band that may or may not be experimenting with a new sound.  Its still very catching though.., but for PP it does feel flat.  For those missing the synths- expect this tune to get some remix love.

  2. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Have to agree with you Brandon. I mean the song itself is by no means bad, but it is a more subdued sound than Manners. When I first listened to Passion Pit, I hated Michael Angelakos’ falsetto. Funnily enough, I’m missing it so much now!

    The song is growing on me though… I found myself humming the chorus while walking across my uni campus today.

  3. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Agreed, after following PP in their early days, and two concerts in their first tour, its seems very light.  I was really hoping that their new stuff would continue to really sort of exploit the kind of synths they built in Chunk of Change and Manners

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