[STREAM] Smoke & Jackal – “No Tell”

she only came to give some head, she making messes in my bed

  • Who: Kings of Leon’s Bassist Jared Followill & Mona’s frontman Nick Brown.
  • What: Garage sex folk, like The Griswolds, Kings of Leon, Mona.
  • Where: Nashville, TN + Soundcloud
  • When: Buy EP1 on October 16th.
  • Why: Kings of Leon are a big sounding band. Mona are a big sounding band. So its kind of a surprise to hear that “No Tell” is a rather small sounding song. Don’t get me wrong, play it enough times and it will be etched in your head like a moonshine hangover, but it is no party starter. More like a party closer. The song that comes on when you are driving home and the sun is breaking behind the hills and she has her head on your shoulder and you sing quietly to yourself, thinking of another time and place.

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