SUPERCHUNK LEARNED how TO rock long ago so SURF no further for super guitar action

put your suitcase down and leave your shoes, gently by the door in a puddle with your blues

♫ Superchunk – Learned to Surf

Superchunk are a band that have been around since 1989 but their last album came out in 2001. That I know these facts is only thanks to Wikipedia because up until a few weeks ago I had  never really listened to them. Granted, I only have one track now but considering it is the ripper “Learned To Surf” off of their forthcoming EP I am OK with that. You can almost hear the 90s dripping off this jam as it shreds and pounds its way through growled vocals in an effort to get you to take that plaid shirt off and get into the waves! Yeah! A little guitar chugging here, a little cymbal tapping there, and I am yowling right along in the pit!

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