THE MORNING BENDERS accept no EXCUSES not to listen to this jam

you tried to taste me and i taped my tounge to the southern tip of your body

♫ The Morning Benders – Excuses

The Morning Benders are a band I knew nothing about until recently but the spate of spate of positive reviews that their latest LP Big Echo has been getting made me take notice. My first few listens through “Excuses” and “Promises” left me non-plussed. However, after seeing this brilliant YouTube cover version of “Excuses,” that song’s brilliance instantly made sense. Now I can’t stop “da da da da”-ing along as I wonder weather “your body” refers to the whole body or just the torso. Either way that’s a hot lyric. Despite all the positive reviews and my new-found appreciation of “Excuses” I waded into the album like that bathing-cap-and-one-piece wearing swimmer in the album art. After quite a few spins I still love “Excuses” and have grown to dig “Promises,” “Cold War (Nice Clean Fight)” and “All Day Daylight” but the majority of Big Echo still leaves me a bit flat. If the rest of the album had the strength/swagger/poppiness of those 4 jams we’d have ourselves a winner. Nevertheless, don’t sleep on “Excuses” and it’s beautifully woven layers of vocals and instruments. And watch that video cover version.

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