THE NATIONAL advise that riding the BLOODBUZZ to OHIO may not actually be safer than Greyhound

i still owe money to the money to the money i owe, i never thought about love when i thought about home

♫ The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio (320 version here)

The National are a band that you are either in love with or have never heard of. Whatever your incoming trajectory, there is only one destination now: their fantastic new single, “Bloodbuzz Ohio” from the forthcoming LP, High Violet. The National are pretty much the kings impeccably-propelled smokey-voiced piano jams that are somehow both lighter and heavier than the term “rock” would suggest. If your’re not immediately sold on this brand of aural medicine than please have patience, I’ve thrown in my favorite tracks off their last two albums so you can better understand  their magic. I didn’t really get on board with The National until I got into “Apartment Story” and their sound suddenly seemed to make sense. I’d recommend listening to their songs in blocks. Their music sets a mood that is best enjoyed when you give yourself over to it and take in the whole album. Until High Violet drops on May 11th, you may just want to put these three on repeat.

♫ The National – Apartment Story / Boxer, 2007

♫ The National – Secret Meeting / Alligator, 2005

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