[VIDEO] Johnny Neon – “Closer”

Happy Easter to those of you that do that thing. What better day to kick back with some videos! First of all, if you haven’t got into Johnny Neon’s awesomely furry video for “Hearts” then start there. Epic song and video. Then dive into this bit of team-building for “Closer.” No dogs (unfortunately) but still somehow put a smile on my face. This guy is solid.

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  1. Graham Goucher
    Graham Goucher says:

    Meant to ask….any way you could create a “Concerts” section on the blog? Just to see who’s playing where and when…you have so many different artists on here i can’t keep track and it’d be cool to see some of them live.

  2. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    I’ve thought about it but not sure how to manage the fact that people read TBE from a hundred countries around the world. If there is an automated system I am up for it. I used to have a Thrillcall widget that maybe would be useful to put back.

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