[VIDEO] Lana del Rey – “National Anthem”

So Lana gets all Mr. & Mrs. JFK with A$AP Rocky in the beautiful video for “National Anthem” but the real question is why? I certainly hope there isn’t a message. This song is already so heavy with clichéd lyrics. I just like watching A$Sap feel on that butt. Go get it!

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  1. Barrett
    Barrett says:

    Love it. I don’t know about message, but it visualizes the song perfectly. “National Anthem” could easily be performed by a rapper, but from her it’s a drippy ballad. I feel like the video draws your attention to that. The story could be contemporary – gal with gangster boyfriend sees him gunned down – and instead the imagery of the JFK assassination calls to mine a completely different, very Americana-drenched story of love and loss. And the fact they’re interracial, but that’s so non-relevant to the video’s story when you’re expecting it to be given the time it’s referencing is kind of brilliant too.

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