WE ARE SCIENTISTS feel that the RULES DON’T apply so STOP now if you hate good times

if there’s no victim then there’s no crime, just try another if you think we’ve crossed the line

♫ We Are Scientists – Rules Don’t Stop

We Are Scientists’ 2005 debut, With Love And Squalor, was one of my favorites of the year with it’s perfect blend of indie-rock, intellect, and danceability. However, 2008’s Brain Thrust Mastery felt a bit sterile and lacked a lot of the spazzy energy of their debut. Well, Chris and keith are back with a new album, Barbara, and “Rules Don’t Stop” is the first leak/single. It doesn’t exactly scream of a return to form but it has certainly been growing on me. Those thundering drums and mantra of a title are the perfect start to a Friday evening! Take that, and the fact that these two guys are the funniest dudes in Rock (more their writing/videos than lyrics), and and I have to say I am getting pretty pumped for Barbara! Make sure to peep their website for hilarious restaurant reviews and useful features like new jokes and brutal dismissals! The video for “Rules Don’t Stop” is here and catch the ‘sick sk8ing video’ for other new track “Nice Guys” below. Try and sing along with the lyrics!!

♫ We Are Scientists – The Scene Is Dead // With Love And Squalor, 2005

It was not easy picking a favorite from their debut but let’s just go with this classic night-out-at-the-bars anthem!

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  1. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    I actually have heard quite a few people mention that. I guess that salt n pepper thing is big with some people. I'm just glad they rock so hard!!

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