GOBBLE GOBBLE execute a search and SEIZURE on wallflowers, sending them TO THE club in hell called the METRONOME

like a clairvoyant being ravished by the spirits

♫ Gobble Gobble – Seizure to the Metronome

Get those joints loose cause this jam is gonna make you groove in all kinds of awkward ways! I’m imagining those cosmos-faced astronauts Crip-walking on the moon with their forties lofting malt liquor into space. Gobble Gobble are perhaps the new band I’m most excited about these days. Their music is as weird and spastic as it is instantly catchy and danceable. It always feels as if about to unhinge and fall apart but somehow all these noises clash together in some sort of sonic synergy that gets me pumped! Of all places, they are from Edmonton, Canada, and have clearly not let any Vitamin D deficiency stunt their creative growth. I’ve nabbed three other tracks from them that are nearly as awesome as this one and using that math they have put out more great tracks this year then MGMT and Gorillaz combined. So crank this mutha and let it soundtrack your search for those other three gems!

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