[EP] GOBBLE GOBBLE are anything but BORING and it would be a HORROR to lose them

that’s not what your body said

♫ Gobble Gobble – Boring Horror

Hold on to your faces, people, new Gobble Gobble just in time to loosen your limbs and send you into Friday ready for full dance floor flexing! “Boring Horror” is another ultra-spazz electro jam that defies you to move in time with the insane beats, jittery sounds, and chopped vocals. Gobble Gobble are the clearly insane Canadians behind last years epic “Seizure To The Metronome” and the whirlwind “Eat Son Son” (Part of the band is in side project Purity Ring as well!)  Those two tracks are bundled with “Boring Horror” and a couple fantastic remixes on this song’s 12″ single (I’m gonna call it an EP) which is out now! Play with care, everyone. Chiropractic care is not cheap.

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