[MP3] Purity Ring – Belispeak

♫ Purity Ring – Belispeak

One of a few post that I’ve been meaning to get up for awhile.  Purity Ring seems to blow my mind every time.  They appear (so far) to be everything I could ask for in a band.  I will go as far to say they are on top of my list of up and coming bands to watch out for.  Stay tuned, I certainly will.


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  1. J Rich
    J Rich says:

    Yeeeeeessss! Been waiting for this to grace the TBE – good work joel. 3 songs and 3 awesome, can’t get them off repeat jams is a pretty good track record. planning on seeing them at their dallas stop in a couple weeks, can’t wait to hear what else is in their arsenal.

  2. J Rich
    J Rich says:

    fuck yeah. just got back from the purity ring show in dallas, and they were awesome. 8 songs, including the 3 released jams. had 2 other awesome ones and all were solid. talked to the singer megan afterwards and she said they were still writing and not all 8 they played would be on the album, but plenty of new stuff would. and she ended the set with “hey, we’re out of songs.” fucking greatness, go see them if you get the chance!!!!

  3. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Haha, i just laughed out loud when I saw “J Rich” and “Purity Ring” in the same coment notification. Consistency is key! But seriously man, I love the update and I love the fact that I can count on you for all PR news!

  4. Joel @ TBE
    Joel @ TBE says:

    So cool man.  Thanks for the update.  I wanted to see them in Austin at FunFunFunFest desperately, but I had to move back to the Seattle area before it ever went down.  As it turns out, FFFFest turned out to be a Where’s Waldo of sorts for Ryan Gosling.  Probably not the best weekend to be a dude in Austin, Texas.

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