[MP3] Karlsson & Winnberg – “The Dance (feat. Spank Rock)”

daddy look what i done, i’m moving to the drum

♫ Karlsson & Winnberg – The Dance (feat. Spank Rock)

Karlsson & Winnberg, a.k.a Bloodshy & Avant, a.k.a The guys in Miike Snow who twist all the knobs, a.k.a. the guys that produced Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” a.k.a F-ING geniuses, have a new single with that guy Spank Rock making whiney noises over their sweet bleeps and beats. Unfortunate vocals aside, I’m tripping on a new set of tweaky sounds from my favorite Swedes. Just do not try and synchronize any dance moves to this track! You will harm yourself. Seriously. I know.

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