[LP] The Airplane Boys – WHERE’VE YOU BEEN (w/ “Sleep” & “Escape”)

there’s pressure to just do it, yo i’m blooming in this music

♫ The Airplane Boys – Sleep

Toronto has had a huge hip hop renaissance with the likes of Drake, The Weeknd, and Dream Jefferson bringing serious heat from the Canadian city. Lets now add the seriously slept on duo of old frinds Beck Motley and Bon Voyage, a.k.a. The Airplane Boys. How these guys managed to fly under my radar for so long is an attrocity. They have been releasing jams like this for over a year and dropped their debut mixtape Where’ve You Been earlier this year. Their blend of electro beats, indie samples, and smooth verses make for some seriously fun listening. “Sleep” is the kind of slinky head bobber that makes me want to sing along way before I know the lyrics.

♫ The Airplane Boys – Escape


“Escape” brings more dance floor heat, cranking the grooves and beat up to 11 and energizing my blood stream with each pulse. The whole Where’ve You Been mixtape plays much more like a proper LP, sporting excellent production, a fully realized sound, and no two songs that feel the same. I’m guessing it’s the sampling of bands like Arcade Fire (“Born to Be”) and Radiohead (“Ice Age”) that made charging for the album impossible. Despite The Airplane Boys a strong indie ethic (producing all their music and videos with a hometown crew) they still toured with Snoop Dogg and opened up for J. Cole on the Canadian dates of his recent tour. It’s good to see people recognizing the talent. So stream Where’ve You Been below or download the whole thing here. Do it.

Where’ve You Been by TheAirplaneBoys

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