WOLF GANG has THE KING of monikers AND ALL that, but what OF HIS MENtal status?

and if i’m passing a sentance on you, i would give you the crown for a fool

♫ Wolf Gang – The King And All Of His Men

I have been sitting on this jam for months now but haven’t posted because I wanted to figure out what song that drum intro was identical to! I could just never pinpoint it. Until this morning. It’s Ghostland Observatory’s “Free Heart Lover” (posted on TBE back in Feb.)! Ok, so I it is actually not as similar as I was convinced it was. Oh well. I guess Wolf Gang gets even more props. As if he needed them, “The King” is about as catchy and hip-swinging as they come with on-point lyrics about a difficult girlfriend. Wolf Gang is actually the moniker of Max McElligott who’s first single, “Pieces Of You“, missed the mark a bit. A pleasant surprise to find him tightening up his game on “The King And All Of His Men.” He is apparently in the studio working on a major label debut but word on the street is that Max “will only record his vocals at night, barefoot and with a cup of cinnamon tea to hand.” Yeah, he is English. How did you guess? Anyway, let’s just hope he can let that tea cool for a second and get some tracks done cause I am waiting for an album! (and Elisabeth too!)

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  1. Elisabeth
    Elisabeth says:

    Haha, thanks for the shout-out! Yep, I am definitely counting down the days … of which there are many … good thing I have yet to get sick of TKAAOHM! Should hold me for a while :) Thanks for that link to the Ghostlad Observatory track, that's a pretty sick tune itself.

  2. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Woah, “The King…” takes on a much more ominous quality when acromymed up like that!

    And no sweat on that Ghostland link. Needless to say, the third week of TBE had a significantly less readership than it does now :)

  3. scootsyp
    scootsyp says:

    I assume you have heard this already. In case you havent, have a listen:

    -The King and all of His Men (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix).

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