YOUNG REBEL SET make me wonder IF I WAS wrong in not discovering them earlier

if I was a rich man i’d buy you flowers every day, but i am a poor man so i’ll pick them on the way

♫ Young Rebel Set – If I Was

If you’ve already hit play then it’s not news that Young Rebel Set hail from England as that thick Northeastern accent sits front and center on this jam. Young Rebel Set aren’t flipping the script on us with this dreamy folky love crooner but there is a delicate sincerity that grabbed me right away. Then the song really picks up and turns into a rollicking foot stomper that rides some pretty great guitar and tambourine action. No tricks here, just great rock jamming that inspires introspection as much as inebriation. The 3-track If I Was EP came out last year and it’s solid business. Second track, “Down The Line” is rocking my ass as I write this and I’m regretting the lost months! Won’t Get Up Again is Young Rebel Set’s 2010 EP and is out now so I’m off to grab that one!

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