CHILDISH GAMBINO knows I BE puttin his jams ON at THAT party tonight

she like me cause my wallet fat, it should wear a hawaiian shirt

♫ Childish Gambino – I Be On That

Childish Gambino is the moniker of L.A. based Donald Glover who until recently was a staff writer on the hilarious 30 Rock (the inspiration for Twofer?) but left that job focus on his other job as a regular on NBC’s Community. Oh, and to also pursue a rapping career. I Am Just A Rapper 1 & 2 are his understatedly titled mixtapes, each one combining indie jams with Gambino’s sick rhymes that are guaranteed to make you laugh. This guy’s comedy background is evident almost every third rhyme as spits razor sharp jokes, mostly about how dope he is (fair enough!). “I Be On That” is actually not on either of those mixtapes but is a demo from his forthcoming LP Culdesac. It’s his freshest work for sure but if you dig it at all then don’t sleep on those mixtapes. They’re FREE at his website.

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