BIG BOI is LOOKIN fresh and FOR me, he is sounding even fresher, YA know?

like we work at ikea, test every piece of furniture to see if it is stable, you want to take it out on me then do it on the table

♫ Big Boi – Lookin For Ya f. Andre 3000 & Sleepy Brown

So Big Boi’s loooong awaited solo album is finally coming out July 6th and since the already leaked “Shine Blockas” is one of the best songs of last year, you know we are stoked. Well, the latest news is that Def Jam is blocking Andre 3000 from being on the album so all his collaborations were cut from the final track-list. That brings us to “Lookin For Ya” which was probably supposed to be on the LP but has instead been leaked for our advanced enjoyment. Thanks Def Jam! Both Outkast guys are on point and Sleepy Brown provides steamy R&B vocals to set the mood over an elastic-funk bass-line that instantly loosens the hips. All I’m saying is that Friday night better watch it’s back.

♫ Big Boi – General Patton

Meanwhile, we also have “General Patton” (Big Boi was born Antwan André Patton) which is the horn fueled epic anthem that I know will soon be blasting from many a party-bound car stereo. (The end of the track included a bonus how-to on a new sexual position called The David Blaine. Not for beginners.) A few other tracks are floating around so track em down or wait for the full album. Either way, it’s gonna be a good summer for hip-hop.

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