ZARRYLADE and I want you to close your EYES flail your arms ABOVE YOUR HEAD

love has no fear so i am in love with everything

♫ Zarrylade – Eyes Above Your Head

[UPDATE 10/11/2011: Just got a takedown letter from the RIAA. Hopefully that means this guy is getting some traction! Stream below]

Woah buddy, dont have too much fun there. Anytime you wanna turn that frown upside down we’ll be over here getting our groove on! Time to crank up your speakers and pull shapes to this epic funk jam with the craziest squiqqly synth action I have ever heard. Zarrylade only have 102 friends on MySpace but I have a feeling that will change soon. Their debut album is in the works and although “Eyes Above Your Head” is the only available sample, it has all the marking of a band who means business. Oh, maybe that’s what his face is saying. This music means business. [Thanks to TheRec.]

Zarrylade – Eyes Above Your Head

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