Allman Brown – “Ancient Light”

Music for… closing your eyes and gently drifting. To another place, another time, another feeling. Allman Brown’s voice cuts a beautiful swath over the clicking percussion in this otherworldly gem of a track. Perfect for sliding into the slower pace of fall and reflecting on the year gone by.

Location: London, UK

Future: Go see Allman play live. His voice is somehow even better in the flesh. In the meantime, get his Ancient Light EP.

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  1. […] Allman Brown together with Robyn Sherwell. Two of my favorite English voices together on one track and it is unsurprisingly stunning. And haunting. And beautiful. Let the song wash over you like an afternoon shade. Sheltering you from the heat of your thoughts, and bringing some calm to your soul.  […]

  2. […] Brown makes the kind of beautiful music that instantly makes you stop being such a prick to people on the highway and rethink that 5th beer […]

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