Brand New – “Mene” + Live @ Shrine review

Since we are already working out some youthful energy today, I figured it was time to post the first new Brand New track in 6 years: “Mene”. This post isn’t so much about this song (although you should listen to it) or what this song says about their new material (anything is more promising than Daisy) it is about that time 2 weeks ago when I saw Brand New play live here in LA and it was the most significant concert experience I’ve had in the past 10 years. If you’re anything like me and Your Favorite Weapon and/or Deja Entendu are seminal albums in your life then the return of Brand New is important. (I’ll leave the merits of Fight Off Your Demons and Daisy to another day/person)

When it comes to playing live, Brand New are still very much alive and kicking. The whole band rips and aside from omitting everything except the slow songs from Your Favorite Weapon, I had no gripes with their performance.  But that isn’t where the magic lies. The real treat is being in the audience with all the rabid fans jumping at every word and riff, singing along at the top of their lungs and bringing a fervent energy that is completely unparalleled by any other audience I’ve seen (You can even ask Stereogum). So for me, who is used to concerts of small emerging bands where most people don’t even know the lyrics to the 1 song the band has released, this show was a revelation. A reunion of all my best friends that I’ve never met, yet we share a common heart and mind. It was beautiful. Go see Brand New live and experience it yourself.

BRAND NEW tearing into the new song, our hearts, and the the fabric of reality. All at once. #nofilter

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