WATERS – WHAT’S REAL (w/ “Got To My Head” + “Over It”)

The main reason I have been keeping an eye on Waters since they formed is that frontman Van Pierszalowski has a killer Polish last name like me. The reason I even know his name is he used to be in the awesome Port O’Brien from way back in the early days of TBE. Even with all that going for them I couldn’t get excited by Waters. Singles began rolling out almost a year ago and each one felt too rough and tumble for my usually synth-massaged ears. But then something totally amazing (and totally logical happened)… I listened to the full album. And I was blown away. Suddenly all the grit and rawness of those songs felt exactly perfect because there was context and cohesion. Like seeing just one ninja turtle or just one Little Racal. Just odd and a little frightening. Then you see the whole gang and its a different (and epic and exciting) story. That is Waters’ debut album What’s Real.

Listen closely to songs like “Got To My Head” and “Over It” and you may just hear your inner 90s middle-schooler jumping around his room and screaming along as he accidentally knocks copies of Weezer’s blue album and Nirvana’s Nevermind off his comic book display shelves. I sure did. Now pardon me while I put on the blue vinyl of What’s Real and do just that.

WATERS - Got To My Head

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