Butterfly Bones send us a sweet and shiny XOXO

Butterfly Bones

we know we’re young and gonna get away with it

♫ Butterfly Bones – XOXO

I don’t want to say that the play-list at today’s pool party was bad, because that would be a lie. It was truly great (as well as the burger! Thanks Ryan!) However, it could have used some Butterfly Bones. If I had to put a label on their vibe I would call it feel-good chill-out drink-up sun-shine pop. “XOXO” comes correct in many ways but it’s the back to back synth and guitar solos that pops my bottle. Throw that and a lime in your beer and you are set. Butterfly Bones come out of San Fransisco and are old friends with TBE alums Givers, all having gone to school together at the Summer Jam Academy or something. Their Pretty Feelings EP is out now and packs 4 more sparkling ear-nuggets. Get on it people, they only have 535 listens on Last.fm but with recent props from Silence-Killer and Hot Biscuits, as well as a house-party tour ahead of them, their local gem status is about to bust out.

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