CLUES APPROACH THE THRONE of rock on this jam

clueswhisper in the air, every second word

♫ Clues – Approach The Throne

“Approach The Throne” is one of the those tunes I have been “na na na na”-ing too by myself for a couple months now and it’s time I share. Limp-limbedly thrashing about my bedrooom is no fun alone. Come over and we’ll fumble-shout the lyrics together and then pound some air-drums. When it’s over we’ll get a six pack of shitty light beer and light this weekend on fire. For those of you not interested in good times you can read this: Clues are a Montreal based crew made up of Alden Penner of now defunct The Unicorns and former Arcade Fire member, Nick Thorburn. But now they are Clues. Quit living in the past, their self titled debut is out now!

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