CRYSTAL CASTLES’ new album is NOT awful. I’m even kinda IN LOVE with some of these jams.

could it be that time has taken it’s toll
won’t take you so far, i am in control

♫ Crystal Castles – Not In Love

Crystal Castles are a band that’s easy to hate. Their music is abrasive, their first album was spotty at best, they are most definitely assholes, and their most well known song is a collaboration. Hearing “Doe Deer,” the first leaked track from Crystal Castles 2010 self-titled follow-up, my negative opinion of them didn’t change a bit. Any review I wrote was going to be along along these lines. Then I heard “Not In Love” (above) and while I was not in love with it (sorry…), it did give me enough pause to revisit my opinion on these Canadians (nobody wants to pre-judge Canadians!). It turned out I actually like their 2008 debut a lot more then I thought I did. Then it turned out that I actually really like “Not In Love.” Then it turned out that the new album is pretty good! At 14 tracks it’s pushing it with the filler but there are a handful of great jams. “Not In Love,” (above) “Baptism,” and “Intimate” are my favorites while “Celestica” (below) is a refreshing respite from their usual aggressiveness. Hell, somehow even the ear/speaker rupturing “Does Deer” has grown on me and the song titled “Pap Smear” is actually enjoyable! You could chalk my newfound stance up to initially low standards but I think this is just a case of I was wrong and all those super-fans were actually on to something. If I took my favorite tracks from the two albums we’d have one of the better electro-clash/chip-thrash albums around. Sooooo, long story short, they are probably still assholes but this album is actually pretty good. I also hear their live show rips faces (in a good way) so I’d recommend giving these guys a second chance if you are down with these tracks.

♫ Crystal Castles – Celestica

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  1. RussellCrowe
    RussellCrowe says:

    yeah, Baptism is my favourite, bu somewhere round Vietnam the album gets, well, boring, if not long…

  2. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Yeah, exactly! “Vietnam” goes on waaay to long. But then things pick back up with the 3-in-a-row-punch of “Pap Smear” “Not In Love” and “Intimate.” I think I am just going to start skipping Vietnam and keeping things moving a bit :)

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