HEALTH and USA are not things that us BOYS and girls usually say in the same sentence

close your eyes


Los Angeles’ HEALTH are the other half of Crystal Castles’ ‘best know song‘ and after reevaluating my thoughts on the latter it was only fair that I revisit the former. Everything HEALTH has released so far has been a bit like a cheese grater on my ear but then this little jam popped up recently. While it took a few listens time to fully sink in but now I crank this jam up and let the airy, pulsing beat carry me off to a groovier place. People are saying that HEALTH’s second LP (last years Get Color) is better then their first but the singles never sold me so I’m just not sure. I’d rather stick with this spaced out jam that is perfect comedown music for wrapping up a late night on the town. “USA Boys” is the non-remix track off HEALTH’s upcoming second remix album (seriously, guys?) and was recorded in Trent Reznor’s home studio which may explain something. Or not. Who knows.

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