[MP3] Butcher Blades/ – “Jigsaw Limbs” & “USA Boys” remix

a coast of skinless bays, this daughter wind will turn all it’s tourists back into foam

♫ Butcher Blades – Jigsaw Limbs

Just when you thought Mondays couldn’t get any worse, they get awesome! New Butcher Blades/! The criminally under-appreciated Australian duo that one fan recently called the “lovechild of Justice and The Lion King.” Brilliant. “Jigsaw Limbs” is another brilliant example of their melding of the electronic and the organic into one seamless beast that takes over my speakers with each beat. As always, the music is incredibly cinematic, conjuring a myriad epic battle scenes/dance parties in my mind. Can we get some high-tech fan videos going here?

Continue the Butcher Blades/ love with their remix of LA’s Health below. And then grab up all the other jams they are offering free at their various sites. Together we can battle the end of summer in grand fashion!

♫ Health – USA Boys (Butcher Blades Imperial Peel)


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