DANKO JONES is so FULL OF riffs that I REGRET having not heard them earlier

if you see her won’t you tell her for me it’s better this way to avoid our misery

♫ Danko Jones – Full Of Regret

Danko Jones are putting the “guitar shredding” in my “Thursday!” Wait, does that make sense? Damn, it’s hard to type while both hands are air-guitaring this hard. I’ve never seen these guys live but looking at that album art I’ll bet that Danko knows how to pull some serious Rock N Roll moves onstage. (Yeah, capital letters.) So here is the deal, this is just the kind of hard-charging rock riffage that is lacking in today’s music. All swagger, no synths. It’s refreshing and harkens back to an era when not just any old gap-toothed bedroom recluse could be a rock star. You had to have a foxy lady on your arm. Or a lion. Or both. No surprise that Danko Jones contributes to an upcoming how-to book entitled Sex Tips From Rock Stars. (If and/or lions could talk, right?) The man and his band hail from Toronto have been around since 1996 (more history here). Below The Belt is out in May and is something like their 7th album. Why am I only hearing about them now?

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