[EP] BUILT BY ANIMALS have an ANIMAL of a track followed by a brief PARADE of further goodness

it’s so strange what people do when you wake up somewhere new

♫ Built By Animals – Animal Parade

“Animal Parade” may start with sounds of birds and the seaside but things quickly evolve into the kind of poorly-lit and meandering basement rock that Built By Animals excel in. You can almost feel the musty sweat in the air as the track morphs into twangy guitar plucking and raspy vocal harmonies. A perfect track for mumbling to yourself as you navigate a crowded evening sidewalk with your hood up. The 3-track Summer of Shmiz EP is out now and packs a lot more peppy percussion and cutting guitar riffs. Check out the oddball video for second track “Ellen paige” to get another taste. Closing the EP out is the excellent “Red Breasted Bastard; Or, The Feel Bad Hit of the Summer” which grinds a bit of Surfer Blood with some 90’s alt-radio flair for a solid chuck of body rocking goodness. And that’s not even mentioning the highly sing-along-able “yeah, yeah”s and “ooh, oooh”s. Just what the springtime doctor ordered!

UPDATE: Hahahaha, holy crap. So I was just doing some further investigating on these guys and turns out they went to my alma matter, Vassar College. Naturally all their epicness now makes perfect sense! I would have loved to see these guys tear up a TH party or two.

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