[MP3] AUSTRA don’t LOSE any of that opera magic when laying IT on this kam

i get impatient with every word, the more they ask me the more i’ve heard

♫ Austra – Lose It

Winter is getting a firm spring boot to the backside so the window on icy sulk music is closing quickly. Good thing Toronto’s Austra have wrapped their dramatic vocals and lyrics in a bit of bounce and groove. I could almost see this jam soundtracking some time-lapse film of snow melting away to blossoming flowers and quickening creeks.

Vocalist Katie Stelmanis has been singing opera since she was a child and even sang on a Fucked Up album. She clearly has broad ambitions and it shows with Austra. There is an optimism in their sound that is so often lost in the music accompanying other powerful female voices. Austra’s debut album, Feel It Break, is out May 7th and is supposedly a solid affair. I look forward to it! Grab another track here.

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