[EP] Doctor Rosen Rosen – GIRLS: VOLUME 1 (w/ “Sex-Ed” feat. Anjulie)

you’re my trick and i’m treat, my sticky and sweet

♫ Doctor Rosen Rosen – SEX-ED (feat. Anjulie)

Coming off his best-of-list-making Britney remix, Doctor Rosen is back with an EP of his own production with a harem of talented ladies providing the vocals. The appropriately titled EP, Girls Vol. 1, features the talents of Jessie & The Toy Boys, Kay, Meg Meyers, and my favorite, Anjulie. “Sex-Ed” is a sugary sweet polished pop nugget that wears it’s intentions pinned to it’s high rise panties. Sounds about perfect to me.  Dont think too much on these tracks, just enjoy. And perhaps include in a not-so-subtle mixtape for the pool boy…

Get the whole EP free, and admire the lovely ladies, here. And since it’s Friday why not extend the party with a stellar bonus Doctor Rosen Rosen remix of one of the Girls?

♫ Jessie and The Toy Boys – PUSH IT (Doctor Rosen Rosen Remix)

Band links: Soundcloud