[EP] FLORRIE should CALL me cause on the basis OF THE lyrics below we could have a WILD time

just need you to hook me up, i don’t need forever

♫ Florrie – Call Of The Wild

Florrie is not just another pretty face taped onto some pop hooks and labeled the ‘next big thing.’ This Bristol, UK, native is a bonafide drummer, having laid down the beat for Girls Aloud’s “The Promise” and Alesha Dixon’s “The Boy Does Nothing,” among other jams. 2010 has seen her team up with remix master Fred Falke as producer. Together they are dropping slick electro-pop gems on the regular. A handful of originals and remixes have been bouncing around the web for months now, garnering all kinds of label interest. However, Florrie is adamant about staying unsigned and instead is releasing all her tunes for free on her website. Props for that! “Call Of The Wild” kicks off her debut EP Introduction (also free) and instantly envelops you in a whirlwind of beats, guitars, and hormonally charged lyrics that are sure to get your ass moving. For an artist so stubbornly independent, it’s odd that the only complaint I have with the EP is that it is perhaps too polished. It’s not everyday that such radio-friendliness comes from an artist with no label affiliation, whatsoever. I guess, it’s also not everyday that you get such razor sharp hooks for free! Cheers to Falke and Florrie! I look forward to continuing a beautiful relationship between you, my ears, and my feet!

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