[EP] Heffay – AT NIGHT (w/ “Flight of the Bears” & “Rockin With Me”)

and when they bang this in the club you got to get up

♫ Heffay – Flight of the Bears

Last we heard from Heffay we was holding down my Summer Mega-Mix with his feel good sunshine jam “Just You And Me.” Well, the guy is back and bringing a new palette of sounds to the table. Heffay trades a day at the beach for a night on the dance-floor with the appropriately titled At Night EP. The title track dips its feet in dubstep in a way that I can even get down with but the highlight for me is “Flight Of The Bears” (above) which builds and surges with synthy beats before breaking out into a clean dance number for sounds-tracking hooligan activity.

♫ Heffay – Rockin With Me

Closing out the brisk 3-track EP is Heffay’s fantastic “Rockin With Me” and its deft sampling of a classic Snoop Dogg jam. Just listen and enjoy. And party.

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