[EP] LUCK-ONE makes me want to hear MORE

if i never sell a record in life, does that make me less talented in wrecking the mic?

♫ Luck One – More

Another hip-hop artist catching my ear? What is going on this year. 2012 and shit, eh? Anyway, Portland Oregon’s Luck-One is all kinds of freshness as he flows through verses of west coast rhyme-butter over the kind of beats that make the sun shine brighter and the girls look sexier. The man has an LP coming out called True Theory but as a teaser to that jam he is dropping a free EP of outtakes that sounds plenty solid to me. No glitz and no bling, just rhymes and beats and soul and heart and everything that hip-hop should be built on. “More” sports a horn and handclap double-team that gets me pumped every time? Hell yeah.

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  1. typhoon
    typhoon says:

    Best hip-hop artist that no one knows about! Check out his first EP “Beautiful Music” if you haven’t already. Excited to hear his new stuff!

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