HERE WE GO MAGIC know that there is a COLLECTOR in all of us

one shrunken head from africa, your girlfriend says you better not

♫ Here We Go Magic – Collector

The three songs I heard off of Here We Go Magic’s 2009 debut were all a bit too droning and tedious for me to listen to without checking my watch. Therefore, you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I decided to give their new single a listen and found it to be chock full of so much momentum and energy that I even double checked weather it was the same band. “Collector” is a rollicking ode to pack-rats set to jittery guitars and galloping drums that make me want to dance in circles until my world looks like that awesome album art. Their new album, Pigeons, isn’t out until June but luckily we’ve got this jam as another perfect addition to the growing “Suntime” playlist.

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