MUSEUM OF BELLAS ARTES are to WHO we are going to DO that dance that YOU LOVE

were all the pretty words you whispered to me meant for her?

♫ Mueseum of Bellas Artes – Who Do You Love

Apparently I’m late to the Museum of Bellas Artes party – their cover of a 1964 track by The Saphirres came out in October – but I just caught the jam on the first Poule d’Or Compilation and it would be criminal not to spread the magic on this sunny Friday. The band is from Sweden and, aside from a few remixes they’ve done,  this cover is the only thing we have of theirs so far. Promising, much? Umm yeah. “Who Do You Love” is instant fun as it’s various noises bounce together in perfect harmony with the sweetly subdued vocals. Thumping, squeaking, clacking, and crunching never sounded so good. And the best part is that just when you think you reached the best part of the song they tweak the awesome levels just a bit higher and you turn to your speakers mid dance-move and raise an eyebrow. To verbalize your awe would ruin the music.

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