KISSES from BERMUDA. Wish you were here.

i say i should have seen right through it all

♫ Kisses – Bermuda

Listening to Kisses it’s almost impossible to not think of Jens Lekman and that unique croon of his. The band is actually from Los Angeles and recently finished mixing their debut album with Andrew Maury from RAC. I’m even going to let him describe their music ’cause he obviously know what he is talking about.

It conjures a white-tuxedo ‘n sunglasses, cruise-ship journey. Mellow bass, swirling synths, spring reverb’d drum machines, sparkling guitars, and INSANELY catchy, suave melodies. the album has a lot of uplifting jams, moody heartbreak songs, and even some 80’s dark pop vibes.

Well shit, if that isn’t straight up your summertime-fantasy alley then have fun is your gloomy sex dungeon while the rest of us catch rays and swap margarita recipes. LP The Heart Of The Nightlife is out later in the year so start cleaning up that pool/back yard/roof deck/hot tub/yacht now.

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